A Helping Hand @ Excavate Research

We at Excavate Research have always realized and understood the need for Human support in our society. If recent times have taught us anything, it is that none of the NGOs and charities in the world would matter if the help doesn’t reach the people in need.

Community Kitchen Support during COVID 19

India witnessed the disruption of their labour force and daily wage earners, in millions due to the nation wide shutdown. We were one of the first organizations to come out and support these people, we collaborated with community kitchens in various parts of the city and ensured they get regular food and supplies.


We were able to feed a few thousand people on a daily basis and provided supplies to people heading back to their hometowns. It was an enriching experience for our employees who periodically volunteered at these community kithchens.


E-Waste Management

Safe recycling of outdated electronics promotes sound management of toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury.


Excavate Research has been actively involved in recycling of e-waste since it was brought into effect by the Government of India.


All our electronic waste is supplied to a leading e-waste management company for recycling.

Medical Expense Support to the Needy

Excavate Research works in tandem with 5 different NGO’s based in New Delhi who regularly run crowd-source campaigns for medical treatment for the poor.


Along with providing financial support, we help spread word about these campaigns across all social media platforms so more and more people can join the cause and help us save more lives.

A Greener Planet, One Tree at a time

Our first tree plantation drive occurred on our 1st anniversary back in 2011, since then it has become a tradition to plant 1000 trees every anniversary.


In 10 years we have planted 10,000 trees across Delhi/NCR in collaboration with some of the leading environment protection organizations, working religiously towards making it a greener world for the generations to come.

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