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Excavate provides a range of assistive services for information security/Cyber security, Security compliance and more!

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It is imperative to keep confidential business details, including sensitive personal and financial data, secure at all times. The security and intelligence functions at small- and mid-sized companies are equal to those in large corporations, even though they do not demand the full-time commitment of teams to oversee this function.

Through dynamic services, we can provide the same level of security you would expect from a full-time team of Information Security professionals. We work in collaboration with advanced professionals who are familiar with both your industry and environment, so that we stay on top of constant evolving threats and regulations

Advisory Services & Competency

A complete range of Information and Cyber security services to put you on top. Each business faces its own challenges, from rules and regulations to highly sophisticated data security threats. Moreover, no matter the company size, professional security services are essential.

To protect data assets and comply with relevant laws, it is recommended that you select the best security experts and tools for your environment, especially in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Our certified professionals have more than a decade of industry experience and possess certifications such as ISO 27001 LA, CISM, CISA, ISO 22301 LI, ISO 27701 LI, CEH, etc.


Having a full-time executive to lead Information and Cyber security assurance programs isn’t always feasible; however, our advisors or experts can provide much of the same services at the fraction of the cost.

Reduce your risk profile with hands-on support from advisors who understand how your business operates. Our team is entrepreneurial and wears multiple hats, just like you do. This allows us to protect your organization with the ideal strategic and operational vision.

Globally, we serve major clients in areas such as health care, banking & finance, retail and information technology.

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