With more than 5000 downloads on Play Store and an average rating above 4.5, Poll Studio is being used extensively by field companies to collect data all over India and beyond.

We launched Poll Studio in the year 2018 as an Android application for field data collection to fill in the gaps we had observed over the years in field data collection.

The traditional Pen and Paper surveys have been almost phased out by surveys on Tablets/Smartphones.

There are numerous benefits of collecting data via an application over pen and paper surveys


  • Cost – It saves cost of printing hundreds of paper questionnaires and then manually entering data into a spreadsheet.


  • Quality – The quality of data collected is many times better since there is no hand written text involved.


  • Track – You can track the progress of the study in real time as well as capture live GPS locations of interviewers and respondent location at the time of interview
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Along with Data Collection, Poll Studio is also a scripting tool which has state of the art scripting capabilities and can program surveys with innovative question types like


  • Right Swipe/ Left Swipe questions (Like Tinder)
  • Dartboard type questions
  • Survey Bot surveys
  • 360 degree view of a product
  • Play Video/Audio
  • Capture Audio/Video for open ends
  • Drag and Drop Ranking


To view demo of these surveys, go to the Demo page.

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Tablet/Phone with Android OS 5.0 and above


GPS, Internet, Camera, Voice Recording available in Tablet/Phone


Quality of Photo and recorded Voice will be based on the quality of Camera and Mic

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